2010 and before

The identity and performative name of Aldobranti Fosco Fornio began to take shape. The performative name in particular deflected attention away from the artist's other professional activities and meant that the study of brand marketing and identity invention might truly start from nothing. A very early decision was to adopt each and any opportunity to exploit the Internet as a vehicle for marketing of an artist and the first consideration was thus the development of a website and presence in social media.

The initial claim on the internet name space was the domain AldobrantiFoscoFornio.org and Twitter and Facebook identities were registered. A driving policy was to investigate any new social media site and to register the username "Aldobranti".

The website was developed as much as a tool for learning about web2.0 technologies as much as its straightforward purpose. It was programmed by the artist in a mixture of PHP, JavaScript and HTML.

The artist carried over a teenage enthusiasm for chemistry and analogue photographic processes particularly when using large and medium formats of film. The series of images executed on outdated 5x4 instant Polaroid type55 are of this period. The type 55 film was distinguished by its ability to yield a usable negative for ongoing use.

Polaroid 55, 2010 ktable028

Other early content was of mobile phone pictures which documented the artist's early morning commute to the City.

Crepusculum, 2010 going home

A personal highlight in 2010 was to travel to India to meet fellow artist and colleague Fiona Harvey after a residency at NID, Ahmedabad.