MA September '13 thro' September '14

The year on my MA was a blast, I would do it again -- I learned so much and grew to really appreciate my fellow students ( well most of them )

SU7624, 2013. This project was less than successful; I was trying too hard to justify an interest in landscape and the absurd quantities of road furniture at this intersection on the A272 and B2070

naked portrait, 2014. Perhaps it is a time of life thing to reasess the self -- does my tummy stick out too far?

where shadows play, 2014. My interest in the metaphysics of the shadow led me to understand that there might be a sense of "otherness". I shot most of this work in LF

making marks, 2013-2014. This highly experimental project began to move my work towards performance -- working in the dark I have no feedback as to the progress and direction of the mark making

light's festive tents, 2014. Having started the course as a photographer, I was proud to find that my final show piece was a built light installation with elements of performance. This meant to me that the performance that is being Aldo is portable into the wider commerce of life.