2016 -- A year of changes

At the outset we none of us could see from within the bubbles that define our lives one tenth of the excitement that might arrive.
Over the winter months I was continuing development of a hardware environment to help probe the structure of shadow in its terms. I used a powerful laser beam to probe into a scene.

When I am scanning the scene of jars and vases, the homage to Morandi is deliberate and strongly felt. This is unsurprising as Morandi knew far more about the structure of space between objects than I can say. I came back to the space of shadows in an immersive way with some performance work, see below.

I took some of this technology to Fringe Arts Bath where I was invited to join a residency in the PreFAB Lab.

I submitted the work 'The New Arcadian' to the Royal Academy Summer Show but then showed the piece at the Salon des Refus├ęs on June 24th. What a night for a hangover.
I had been developing this work as an intervention on the Light's Festive Tents cube but as the edit progressed I found that the other players in the scene began to migrate beyond the frame of the cube. It seemed that I was beginning to explore the solipsism of Social Media.

A question of getting in there:

Shadow Dance from aldobranti fosco-fornio on Vimeo.

exploring the space in and among shadows of the Other