In the bad lands of the Hampshire and Sussex borders, in a gap between Arts Council regions lived 2 artists. They made much work but never had a good answer for those well-meaning art lovers whose first question might be 'do you paint or draw?'.
One night as they looked out over the star lit countryside, towards the great City, it seemed that a new and bright star was shown to them. Shining brilliantly white, it drew nearer and revealed its cubic dimensions. But as they came near, they could see that it was made entirely of white, refined sugar and not wishing to lose the few teeth that remained in their heads, they held back.
Dramatically, in the face of this lack of credence, the cube imploded and a few seconds later only a few lumps of sugar lay there, its fading glow of saccharine promise.
But they could see the stars again and life goes on, it generally does