When I was invited to contribute to the DrawToPerform archive I was forced to challenge my belief that I did not use drawing in my visual arts practice
With a little wriggle room, I must admit that drawing can stand for my use of a moving light source in the moment of the performance. It began with Doodles but with hindsight [and alliteration] came Decimals and Depiction.
But first I must insist on mentioning that all this work is made without the benefit of a hard, tactile drawing surface, nor a permanent trace in that moment drawing the trace. The line drawn is uncertain and haphazard, not realised until preserved in the exposed and developed film. Quite unlike Sr. Picasso
Over the course of this development my notion of an alterity in my practice was beginning to form and I thought at first to Delineate, Delimit and Determine that presence, finally to Dedicate space in the image to that Other.