oneSelf anOther

A book of curated responses to a international call

Aldobranti invited artists to see how the Other impinged on their creativity ...

... engagement with the Other can be a crucial step in development of art work.

Published 2018. Hardback. 44pp, 18 photographs, ISBN: 978 1 9995847 1 9


Photographic Research 2010-2017

The artist had been to see an exhibition of photography entitled “Shadow Catchers”. He fell to wondering what it would take to catch a shadow; what it would mean …

I began to consider ways in which I could imagine the Other, to conjure it up, perhaps through automatic drawing.

Published 2017. Hardback. 40pp, 18 photographs, ISBN: 978-1-9995847-0-2

Hydrant Plates

Street furniture, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Berlin.

Blue is for a water valve, yellow is for gas and a red band around a white plaque indicates a fire hydrant.

Such technical matters apart, each of these plaques either when found alone or as a cluster presents a poetic connection with its environment. "

Published 2016. Softcover. 20pp, colour photographs

Light sets up its Festive Tents

the re-presentation of the artist's notebook facilitated the assembly of higher quality images which had formed part of the visual stimulus and with supporting texts enabled a summary to be put forward of the project as a whole.

Light sets up its festive Tents in spaces unsuspected ... "

Published 2014. Softcover. 22pp, colour photographs

80 Minutes, a Journey

The book maps the early morning journey of the author by public transport to his college. The bus arrives at the stop and disgorges a stream of over-excited school children leaving the bus with streams of condensation fogging the windows. The author is commonly the only passenger on the bus on departure

In the winter months of this journey, the daylight might be hard to come by and the condensation rarely leaves the windows. The landscape of the National Park through which the bus travels unfolds unseen behind this screen. The journey is measured out in the dot-matrix display of the on-bus navigation system, the place names announced by the computer offering a structure and poetry to the flow of the journey. ... "

Published 2014. Hardback with dust jacket. 20pp, 36 colour photographs

Life is a Beach

Aldobranti's first e-Book and foray into the world of Kindle Direct Publication. Life is a Beach discusses Aldo's response to beaches and contains 21 original images from beaches in southern Britain and northern France.

"I am never so happy as when on a beach. ...[I can] dig tunnels to Australia; dam the drainage of the outgoing tide; build sea-walls against the incoming; watch the sky fall as the day ends; see sea birds strut and preen; fly kites; feel underfoot the hard corrugated sand made by wind and wavelet..."

"... the beach marks the perimeter of our vision and captivates those who find themselves centrifugally removed from the busy interior life of the centre ... "

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