working title Perform in Camera -- a book project

where self-portrayal becomes live-art or performance makes a performative image


We are hoping to attract articulate responses to questions such as:

This call is directed at performers and self-portraitist who are aware of the cross-over point where a performance artist in process adopts some part of a self-portraitist's practice. In the moment that the performer images herself the performative impact of that image can shape the record of the performance
an artist working in self-portrait mode switches mode, or relaxes into a place where she begins to perform for the camera. Again I want to interrogate the thought processes here

Have a preliminary discussion with the researcher here Aldobranti or check out a submission form at 


Help! English is not my first language -- Can I submit?
The book will be published in UK English, but we wish to encourage a global entry. You can use a translation program to read the form's questions and then write your submission in your own language. Write simply and honestly, and avoid extravagant language. Our editors will do their best but with a translation system!

My picture is worth a 1000 words: why do you insist on my text as input to this project?
I accept that your picture is a very beautiful and meaningful image. It is after all why you make photographs. The point is that this project is about process rather than product and part of our understanding of your process is through your words.

What is the timescale of this project?
This call remains open for 3 weeks until 28 April 2023
Our selectors will come to their decision by 31 July and will notify all entrants of their decision.
The successful contributions will pass to our curator and critical reviewer who will complete their work by mid-September.
The book as a whole then passes to production. Publication is expected in the first weeks of November and first mail outs of complimentary copies will begin immediately at that point.

Can you say more about the book?
The book will be published in the UK by FoscoFornio, a not-for-profit; having an ISBN, legal deposit copies are made and you may be eligible for DACS payments. Here is a mission statement supplied by FoscoFornio and another supplied by Aldobranti who will be the lead curator for the project.


Here is a google form for your submission. Please note that it may ask you to login but remember there is no call to have a gmail password. Just persist with using your own email identity ( just remember your own password) and skip the bits where it suggests creating a gmail identity